Clay Township Profile

Organized as a Township: 1828

Population: The 2010 US Census determined that Clay Township had a population of 9,066.

Land Area: The 75.2 square mile township includes Harsens Island, Russell Island, Dickinson Island and St. Johns Marsh.

Town Government: Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, four Trustee positions.

Fair Haven, Marine City, Algonac, New Baltimore, St. Clair, Columbus, Richmond and New Haven are all within a half hour’s drive of Clay Township.

Clay Township is part of several concentric circles of communities that add to both our quality of life as citizens and our opportunities as business people.

Our closest neighbors include Harsens Island, Fair Haven, Ira, and Marine City. We are within 18 miles of Chesterfield, Macomb, Marysville, Mount Clemens, Richmond, St. Clair, and Canada.

Our central location puts us at the crossroads of countless cultural, professional, and recreational opportunities, from the various marinas in the area to the Canadian Border and Algonac State Park.

Clay Township is a progressive community providing full time service in government and protection. The township has approximately 40 employees and provides services ranging from police and fire, DPW and library to complete general services.

The township is located on the St. Clair River about 40 miles from Detroit. Clay Township abounds in waterfront properties and is 37 square miles in size. The township cups around the City of Algonac and includes farmland properties.

The St. John's Marsh and Harsens Island are part of the area, as well as the Algonac State Park.