Clay Township is part of the Algonac Community School District. The school district offers education for grades K - 12.

Algonac Community Schools achieve learning results consistent with the best schools in the state of Michigan.

Being a small community there is a level of caring and healthy accountability that seems to bring out the best in students and parents alike.

The vision at Algonac Community Schools is to create an exemplary school district which is acknowledged for the caliber of its graduates, the quality of its staff, and the diversity of its program.

The school district we envision….

  • creates enthusiasm for learning
  • nurtures intelligent risk-taking and bold experimentation
  • is characterized by openness and trust
  • capitalizes on change
  • functions as a showcase for the possible

 It is the mission of the Algonac Community Schools to provide quality education opportunities for learners of all aspirations and abilities.

In pursuit of this mission, the Algonac Community Schools will….

  • employ and support quality staff
  • expect quality performance from its people and processes
  • model continuous learning
  • anticipate and embrace productive change
  • be the "school district of choice."

Algonac Community School District includes:

Algonac High School

Algonquin Elementary School

Millside Elementary