Park Rules

The purpose of these Rules and Regulations is to protect and preserve the resources and property of the park, and promote the safe enjoyment of the park by all park visitors.

No Smoking is permitted within the park

No fireworks of any kind shall be permitted in Township Parks.

No hunting, trapping or molesting of animals shall be permitted and no firearms or any other form of weapon including but not limited to sling shots, B-B guns, knives, and clubs shall be brought into the township park.

All trash, garbage, and litter is to be deposited in the refuse containers provided

No glass containers permitted within the parks

 No persons shall operate a motorized vehicle including, without limitation, a car, truck, motorcycle, motorbike, dirt bike, trailer, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, snowmobiles, or any other road vehicle or recreational vehicle anywhere other than in the parking lot at the township park.

Pets must remain on a leash (maximum ten feet in length), kept under physical control at all times, and not be a nuisance or a danger to other park users. Pet owners are required to remove their pet's fecal deposits from the park grounds and place their waste in a suitable receptacle.

There shall be no soliciting within the park.

No overnight camping is allowed.

No signs are allowed except temporary signs identifying a group location using the park pavilion or decorating the pavilion for a rental event. No staples, nails or tacks are to be used on picnic tables or on building surfaces.

 Fires: No fires are permitted except in camp stoves and designated barbecue grills

Conduct: No person shall be drunk or disorderly. No person shall make unreasonable noise, or profane, obscene or offensively coarse utterances, gestures or displays, or communicate any unwarranted and grossly abusive language to any person

Injury to Park Property: No person shall obstruct any walk or drive in any public park or playground and no person shall injure, mar, deface or damage in any manner, or remove from the premises any monument, sign ornament, fence, bridge, seat, table, tree, fountain, shrub, flower, lawn, playground equipment, tennis court, fire-places, restrooms, or other public property or buildings, within or pertaining to said parks.

Pavilion rental is available for township residents, for a rental fee. All other game/ playground areas, picnic areas, and picnic tables are available on a first come, first served basis, unless reserved for a community wide permitted event.