Citizen Suggestion Form

Citizens have a right to register complaints regarding the conduct of Township

employees. Citizens also have a right to complain about policies and procedures of

the Township. It is hoped that this process will help to improve the services of the

Township to all residents and property owners.

 **Print Citizen Complaint Form**

Impartial Review and Fairness…That’s the Goal!

Clay Township adheres to a policy of investigating all allegations of

misconduct or complaints regarding employees, policies or procedures of the

Township. The goal of the Township is to ensure that objectivity, fairness,

consistency and justice is assured by a thorough impartial investigation and/or

review of your complaint.

Unless the complaint and allegation is of such magnitude that it requires additional

time for review, all complaints will be resolved as soon as possible. During the

course of the investigation, the Township Board or their designee will notify you

concerning the status of your complaint. The Township Board will notify you of

the findings of the investigation and/or review of the Township. However, the

Township cannot, by law, discuss any individual personnel actions that may result

from your complaint.

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