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Assessing Documents
Property Transfer Affidavit                                                                         
Principal Residence Exemption                                                 
Qualified Farm Land  
Request to Rescind Principal Residence                             
Request to Rescind Qualified AG 
Conditional Rescind Principal Residence                             
Form L-4035 Board of Review Petition
Principle Residence-Active Duty                                             
Poverty/Hardship application
Poverty guidelines/asset test
Disabled Veteran Affidavit

General Documents
Comprehensive Financial Plan 2021.9.20
Clay Township 2021 Master Plan Update                                
Citizen Complaint Form                                                       
Excellence in Governance Creed
Park Rules                                                                                    
Park Pavilion Rental Form
Cemetery Fees                                                                          
Facade Grant Application
Employment Application                                                     
Clay Township Motto               
Clay Connection Newsletters                                          
Peddler Permit
St Clair County NO WAKE ZONES                                
Smart 911
Clay's Mission Statement                                                     
Emergency Address Sign Application                                                                                                              

Financial Dashboard 
Citizens Guide to Expenditures                                       
Projected Budget
Citizens Guide to Revenue                                                 
Debt Service Report 2018 Colony Waterline SA Bond
Citizens Guide to Obligations                                           
Debt Service Report 2014 Refunding Bond
Citizens Guide to Financial Position                             
Debt Service Report 2014 Sewage Disposal Bond
Perfomance Dashboard
Program Description
Power Point
Chemical Order
Treatment Report Form
2022 Schedule  of Events and Deadlines

FOIA Documents

FOIA Request Form                                                                
FOIA Cost Breakdown
FOIA Procedures and Guidelines                                   
FOIA Public Summary                                                           

Meeting Agendas - Prior to February 2021
Township Board Agendas                                                  
Planning Commission Agendas
Zoning Board of Appeals Agendas   

Meeting Minutes - Prior to February 2021
Township Board Minutes                                                     
Planning Commission Minutes
Township Board Meeting Videos                                     
Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes

Blight Ordinance 133                                                                
Recreational Animal Ordinance 126-27
Disabled Vehicle Ordinance                                             
Surface Water Drainage #30
Noise Ordinance                                                                     
Noxious Weed and Grass Ordinance
Zoning Ordinance #126                                                     
Fireworks Ordinance 135
Golf Cart Ordinance 140                                                   
Golf Cart Registration Form
Public Parks Ordinance139                                                        
Prohibition of Marihuana Establishments 142                                
ORV Ordinance 138 Amended   
Medical Marijuana Ordinance 126-41  
Anti Vape Ordinance 143
Short Term Rental Ordinance 144
 Yard Sales 80

Water Documents                                 

Water Consumer Confidence Report 2014
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2015
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2016
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2017
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2018
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2019
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2020
Water Consumer Confidence Report 2021

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