Township Clerk

             Cynthia Valentine, Township Clerk              

810-794-9303 Ext. 111

I was selected  and appointed for the position in 2015 based on my Education:
Associates of Human Services
Associates of Accounting
Bachelor of General Studies with concentration in Criminal Justice and Human Service
and also the previous work experience and knowledge that I held regarding the duties of the office of Clerk.

I have since completed my MBA - Master in Business Administraton.

Since my appointment to office I have worked to review every account and process we have. I have personally spent the time to review minute and resolution books – back as far as the 1930’s to fully understand some of the decisions made and to make current informed decisions. It is my hope over the next four years to reorganize our website to become a bit more user friendly with updated documents.  I have also worked for months to organize the “HR” or “Human Resources” department. (Which when initially taking office, was not only non-compliant - but mostly non-existent). It is still a work in progress, however it has come a long way.
I pride myself on my dedication to my position and intend to keep that dedication for another 4 years.  The audits reflecting my work in the past years are reflected in the audits that have been performed by Stewart Beauvais and Whipple. I have worked with staff to ensure thorough checks and balances are in place for not only the Clerk’s office, but the entire Township administrative activities. The audits reflect the checks and balances are in place and we, as a team, have come a long way.
The “Statutory Duties of the Clerk” are as follows:  Maintains custody of all township records.  Maintains general ledger.  Prepares warrants for township checks.  Records and maintains township meeting minutes . Keeps the township book of oaths.  Responsible for special meeting notices.  Publishes board meeting minutes (if taxable value is $65 million in 2005, annually indexed, or a charter township).  Keeps voter registration file and conducts elections.  Keeps township ordinance book.  Prepares financial statements. Delivers tax certificates to supervisor and county clerk by September 30.  Must appoint a deputy.  Must post a surety bond.
I also perform all functions of human resources and benefit administration. This, in itself, is a full time job that saves the Township potentially $50,000 plus, from having to hire someone for this position. I also oversee and submit payroll for the Township employees – ensuring all of payroll has been given to all department heads as well as the Treasurers department and the Supervisor for review before submitting. As you see, this is not a part time position. It requires a solid full time 40 hours plus and then some help from support staff.
Part of the statutory duties of the Clerk are running elections. This is a very intricate process that is also time consuming. Each election is months of preparation beforehand and requires great attention to detail. There are many mandated trainings, reports, and activities that are required by the state of Michigan. My current Deputy, Janet Gieraga, has been a lifesaving asset with her dedication.
I am available at any time should you have any questions about myself, my role in the Township or about the Township itself. There is, unfortunately, always work to be done. If you can’t reach me at the Township @ extension 111, please feel free to send me an email at with a proposed time for a meeting or phone call. I will be happy to accommodate. It has been my pleasure to work relentlessly with the Board of Trustees and our Auditors to improve the processes and direction of the clerk’s office, and look forward to continuous improvement over the next four years with the support of your vote.