Grant received to rebuild Pearl Beach Pier

I am proud to announce that Clay Township received a $45,000 DNR Passport grant to rebuild the Pearl Beach Pier and turn it into a small park.  As it stands now, the pier is a safety issue and left unattended, would have to be condemned at some point.

Phase 1, will be to resurface the 315 foot pier, install low level lighting and security cameras.  We will also upgrade swimming ladders, hand rails and mooring pilings.  Phase 2 will entail turning the end of Pearl Beach Blvd into parking and installing some benches and other amenities on shore.  It will be all handicapped accessible.  It is split up into 2 phases because we will be allowed to apply for a second Passport grant for phase 2.  The Passport grant comes from the voluntary $10.00 car registration fee for State park access.

 Pearl Beach