Water Department

December 18, 2018, 11:41 am
Water Main Break Repaired.
No Boil Water Alert issued at this time.
If you experinece rusty water,
let it run approximately 10 minutes.


                         Water Dept. Building located at 9625 Muskrat Run, Clay Twp.            PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE
                          Please call  810-794-9303   For billing inquires and appointments during normal hours. 
                          Please call  810-794-3475   For all other inquiries during normal hours .
                          Please call 810-794-9381   For emergencies after hours, weekends or on holidays.


**The 2014 Annual Water Quality Report is available for viewing or download.
**The 2015 Annual Water Quality Repot is available for viewing or download
**The 2016 Annual Water Quality Report is available for viewing or download
**The 2017 Annual Water Quality Report is available for viewing or download

*****We rely on the public and our customers to notify us of many different system failures. PLEASE report any of the following items IMMEDIATELY if you notice them.

  • Water Main Break (water pooling or running above the ground)
  • Low water pressure (your water pressure will vary based on conditions)
  • Sanitary sewer drains not draining properly. (please call Clay Township before calling your plumber to determine where the problem is...could save unnecessary bills to homeowner)
  • Any "activated" red lights on any of our 12 sanitary lift stations located on Greenwood St., Academy St., St. John Dr., Marina Dr., Colony Dr., Flamingo, Bluebill, and Anchor Bay Drive.

To report any of the above listed findings please call the Clay Township Offices, Mon-Thurs. 7 am to 6 pm @ 810-794-9303 or for after-hours, weekends and holidays call our 24 hour dispatch number @ 810-794-9381.
FYI....Each homeowner should have a shut off valve located inside their house that is accessible in the event of broken pipes in their home. This can save time and reduce damage to property instead of waiting for Water Dept. personnel to arrive to shut off the water.


  • The Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of Clay Twp's water and sewer system which consists of over 72 miles of water main, over 50 miles of sanitary sewer main, 697 fire hydrants and almost 5,000 customers.
  • Clay Township purchases it's water from the City of Algonac whom obtains their water from the St. Clair River and is processed through a state of the art micro filtration plant.
  • The Clay Township Water Department consists of seven full time employees whom all maintain a State of Michigan water distribution license. 

*Please allow 2-3 business days for water turn offs/ons.


         Q.   Why is my water cloudy? 
         A.   Water at certain temperatures and from being processed will retain air. This in turn makes the water seem cloudy. 
               If the water is put in a glass and let sit the air will dissipate.

February 2, 2016
Be Wary of Scammers attracted by the Flint Water Crisis

To protect citizens and provide information to help them avoid being scammed, I am issuing the attached Be Wary of Scammers Attracted by the Flint Water Crisis Consumer Alert.

The alert is also available on the Attorney General’s website in the Consumer Protection area under “Consumer Alerts.”

Click here to access the online version of this consumer alert.