Phragmites Management

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Program Description
Treatment Report Form Page 1 , Page 2

Safety Data Sheet Aqua Neat

Safety Data Sheet Aqua Pro

Safety Data Sheet Cygnet Plus

Certificate of Coverage with maps 2014
This is a full copy of the permit which allows us to treat the Phragmites.

2014 Pesticide Permit from The State of Michigan

Information on the allowed pesticides published by the MDEQ.

2014 State Threatened Species
Description of plant and animal species which the State has deemed threatened. Please review this list and take precautions to prevent any harm to these species during your treatment.

List of Contractors

Clay Township Phragmites Management Advisory Board Policy on Burning Phragmites

Welcome to the Clay Township Phragmites Management Advisory Board web site.  The Phragmites Advisory Board (PAB) was established on April 5, 2010 by a Clay Township Board of Trustees Resolution for the purpose of developing a Phragmites Management Plan for the Township.  The Clay Township Phragmites Management Plan was approved by the Clay Township Board of  Trustees on June 7, 2010.  Part of the Plan included having an annual action program, The Clay Township Phragmites Management Program, to assist property owners with the control of Phragmites.  The Program is different from the Plan in that the Plan is a long range plan for managing the Phragmites within the community as opposed to the Program which is the list of things which the Township would like to do this year.  The members of the Clay Township Phragmites Management Advisory Board (PAB) include representatives from Government, Clay Township and Algonac property owners from the mainland and the islands.Meetings of the PAB are open to the public.

If you have any questions please contact the PAB by calling 810-519-2985.